Road Rides 2 routes. 4 Days. 400 Miles.

Coming together to end child poverty, one nose at a time.

Ride On For Red Nose Day, powered by Walgreens® and PeopleForBikes®, is a fully supported, professional-grade road cycling experience for riders who are passionate about helping kids in need.

Riders agree to raise a minimum of $5,000 to support Red Nose Day’s mission to end child poverty. Riders will experience some of the most spectacular scenery this country has to offer, all while enjoyingthe camaraderie—and fun—that only comes from covering hundreds of miles, together, in support of a great cause

West Coast Ride East Coast Ride
Ride On for Red Nose Day

West Coast Ride April 30 - May 3

West Coast Map West Coast Map
Funds Raised

Santa Barbara to Las Vegas

West Coast riders will start in the seaside city of Santa Barbara, CA. and continue through the hills surrounding Ojai, Santa Clarita’s avocado groves, and around the rim of the Mojave Desert, before a final approach into Las Vegas through the spectacular Red Rock Canyon.

West Coast Ride Video

Video highlighting all four days.

End - Las Vegas, NV

Ride On For Red Nose Day was a success!

Walgreens welcomed the riders into Las Vegas!

End - Las Vegas, NV

Walgreens Pit Stop

Thanks for the hospitality, Walgreens!

Day 3 - Barstow, CA

Day 3 Video Recap

Day 3 - Santa Clarita to Barstow

Day 3 - Barstow, CA

Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita

The riders completed 84 miles!

Day 2 - Santa Clarita, CA

Day 2 Video Recap

Day 2 - Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita

Day 2 - Santa Clarita, CA

Ride On for Red Nose Day Start

Ride On for Red Nose Day begins!

Day 1 - Santa Barbara, CA

Day 1 Video Recap

Day 1 - Kickoff in Santa Barbara

Day 1 - Santa Barbara, CA

East Coast Ride May 21 - 24

East Coast Map East Coast Map
Funds Raised

Boston to New York City

East Coast riders will depart from historic Boston then head west through Massachusetts’s “Happy Valley” toward Saratoga Springs, NY, on some of the Northeast’s most classic roads, before heading south along the Hudson River Valley to New York City.

Support a Rider

All proceeds raised will be contributed to the Red Nose Day Fund.

The Red Nose Day Fund is committed to ending child poverty and provides grants to the following charities, among others:

Charitable Organizations Charitable Organizations To learn about Red Nose Day and its mission to end child poverty, go here.